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  1. Hey guys thanks for all the info. Love the show. I have question about the boats. Do they have stays out board at times. Or are they mounted on the deck. I’ve seen something hanging off the side with lines attach but not sure what it is? Thanks

  2. I love sailing… but every time I am out, among most sailors I run into… I honestly don't think I could afford the fucking foul weather gear … let alone ALL the other really expensive stuff it takes to do it like this…lol. I grew up, poor as shit… on a boat…10 years, on a live aboard. had great fun and most peaceful feeling I've ever felt, sailing. work all summer picking up garbage at a marina… owner gave me a 15' sailboat, and 1500$. store credit. lol.

  3. I say that NZ are good sailers because 1 all the migrants who originally came to NZ did so on boats therefore making it part of culture within NZ. 2 NZ is predominantly coastline and most major cities are on the coast therefore the population of these cities are accustomed to sailing and boating.

  4. Dear Race Experts , how is it working with the definition of the ice gate ( where yo get the informations from )? As well will there be some future changes to the route, due to Global warning ? Cheers Jan


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