Niall Myant-Best and Conrad Colman go live from Race HQ to look at all the moves and highlights from the water on day 5 of Leg 1 – and chat live to Turn the Tide on Plastic’s Bernardo Freitas.

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  1. I think this daily live update is great! Suggestion: Let us know what the various people at the computer stations behind you do in general – if they don't want to speak, even just pointing out their roles would be very interesting

  2. Asking a professional sailor if sleeping at 22kn is scary(9:30) and asking if he has eaten after a few days at sea(11:25)? You must be kidding! Come on, keep it real and don't try and hype it up artificially. Let the sport speak for itself. Oh, and please fix the VOR websites tracker.

  3. @ VOR video ctr: Suggestion: use Rain-X on o.b. camera lenses, no wiping needed and drops will blow off before salt cristallizes. Used by me successfully on mortorcycle helmet visors and small airplanes alike…try it.

  4. Enjoyed this again. More engaging for me. I like raw. Would like a bit more of the tech stuff , team and maybe 1 – 2 min of b roll to give context for the day. The guys in the hq make me laugh – way more casual and less constrained.

    Maybe the documentaries should be 10 mins every fortnight too. Similar to a good vlog.

    Overall – I get back from long days at work and this makes me want to sail. I certainly don’t want more of the staid office style when I get home !

  5. The Daily LIve host is good but I miss Genny and Fast track . The story telling on this VOR is not going well. I also miss the daily high quality video vlogs from the boat which made the VOR 2014-2015 into addicting" realityTV show ".


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