Niall Myant-Best goes live from Race HQ to look at all the moves and highlights from the water on day 2 of Leg 3.

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  1. VOR HQ in Alicante may not like it but I predict some carnage here. These Boats although they are stronger than the older VO60 & VO70 are certainly not build for sustained Wind strength up to 40 Knots and gusts up to 50 knots. All about keeping your Equipment in one piece for the next 3 Days.

  2. I kind of dislike the skinny guy, he's too smug and moves his hands a lot. Also tells us what we need to do, which is annoying. That being said, awesome racing and all the best to every team in the coming storm.

  3. Please can you start a video series “Highlights so far” a 10 min vid edit showing only the most significant footage moments so far, from the start to date. Or “The Story So Far”


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