Niall Myant-Best and Conrad Colman go live from Race HQ to look at all the moves and highlights from the water on day 3 of Leg 1 – and chat to Volvo Ocean Race CEO Mark Turner.

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  1. Is Conrad colour blind? MAPFRE look like a white boat on the track but he kept saying red! – 6:50. Did he mean DONGFENG? Commentators sound like they haven't prepared what they want to say and they're just winging it.

  2. Hmm i dont feel like we got a real answer as to why the position updates are only 6 hourly. The answer given makes me think something else is at play. The answer regarding the new CEO search on the other hand seemed fully genuine.

  3. 100 thumbs up to Mark Turner and Race experts for media coverage of this edition. It is SO MUCH better then the last edition…

  4. Hi Sailors, just to coming more knowledge of the technical details of race. Could you tech novel sailors on the net to interpretrate data that appears on the competition screen?


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