Niall Myant-Best and Conrad Colman go live from Race HQ to look at all the moves and highlights from the water on day 4 of Leg 2 – after one of the most epic starts in Volvo Ocean Race history.

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  1. @Volvo Ocean Race
    Not totally on the point – but was the opportunity taken between the previous race and this one to make any alterations in the general design and layout of these boats to take advantage of what they had learnt in the earlier race ?

  2. Any chance "Life at the Extreme" makes a comeback? I thought those videos did a better job brining the viewer on-board the boats in a shorter amount of time. These daily shows are just too detailed and frequent to keep up with and it's too hard to follow the race checking in periodically.

  3. Enjoying the coverage but I wish Niall would stop asking navigators what their plans are for the next portion of the trip – if they have a plan they're unlikely to disclose it and if not they spit platitudes..

    There must be more meaningful questions worth asking and I for one would appreciate a bit more discussion of sail changes, decision criteria etc during the previous period.


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