A Beautiful Video Showing Life of Seafarers onBoard



  1. If you want a personal , life st sea, experience, book passage on one of the hundreds of freighters, cargo vessels that take passengers. Most have private cabins. Trust me, it’s a great, and new way to see the world.

  2. Well, in my career I had the least of this “show”. And presently I sail North sea through the fog, staring in bloody radar screen (and ecdis) at zero visibility. I remember countless time of bad weather when I had to keep to the edges of the bed not to be thrown out of it. Sleepless nights, constant manoeuvres, pressures and stupidities from the office/shore people, crew handling, good crew/bad crew, ah, so many things… Similar video you can make about miners, will look good, too. And yes, I love my job.

  3. คิดถึงทะเลจังเลย ผืนน้ำแลแสงแดดกับเกลียวคลื่น

  4. Boodle fight is the best…. it is Filipino Dining Military Tradition which exhibit camaraderie among mariners onboard. (Y)


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