Boating Isn’t Easy

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  1. If you have a real boat and know how to handle it…it’s not hard…! ! ! But if you keep trying to manage a plastic bathtube all wrong, you may get trouble !

  2. Love it when fb pros think they know better but they wernt in this specific boat at that very moment. Keep up the good work ??

  3. hmmmm…insurance mis a lot better than that eyesore parked in the driveway, right….maybe they won’t notice the scuttle…???

  4. Huh, as a surfer it seemed fine till hsi engine quit. I didn’t think it would take enough water to capsize though lol. Maybe he shoulda waited until after the set to head out

  5. oh! when he doesn’t know how to properly adjust the power and minimize it when huge waves are coming towards him.. and also he runs the boat Towards the wave.. tsk..tsk


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