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  1. Finally getting rid of that horrid VO65 by Bruce Farr… if they're bringing on the frogs (Verdier and others) for designing a new boat with foils and canting this and canting that, you know it's gonna be on ???

  2. wow, cant wait. Super 60. sounds good too 😀
    are you going to do a building series as you did with the VOD65 ? It was a great way of showing the fans the ins and outs of the new boats

  3. VOR taking over the job of the America's Cup in leading development with tangible technology to flow down to the amateur racing and cruising classes.  Well done. Cant wait for the start of the Next VOR this year and the races beyond.  By far the best race series to watch!

  4. And one may assume existing sponsors are keen on the financial aspects of a radical and most likely more expensive boat? A great race, to be sure, one very worth following.


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