OMG, the storm is here ? To watch until the end ?Grand Surprise Morpho / Bol d’Or Mirabaud

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  1. Know when you’re overpowered and know how to de power. Been there when the boat owner was pushing the envelope too hard off shore racing to Monterey. He ended up getting half knocked out by the main gear, which saved us. Ok, time to take over and get home safely.

  2. Yes, the storm was there, 60 knots….. Thanks for all your comments and thanks to the morpho team.

  3. Watching that storm reel ‘em in and thinking “round up round up round up you’re gonna bury the bow”

  4. Seen the movie a few times now. To me these guys are stupid, and irresponsible. Whilst ahead of the game ( the others are not even near ) they don’t anticipate on the changed circumstances at a high price, losing gear this time, but it could have been far worse.

  5. This storm reminds me another one last year in the middle of the Pacific on our Pogo40 Green-Pacifique

  6. Once I was caught in a storm like that, it was from blue skies and calm sea to this type of storm in a few minutes.

  7. tipically bol d‘or on a strong wind year … a lot of testosteron & a good insurance behind …⛵️??

  8. Always a good idea to take a peek behind you in those conditions! But brave work boys, & who hasn’t left too much rag up from time to time?


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