A Pilot embarking the Ship in Rough Weather



  1. My dad was a pilot in donegal Ireland , as a child I hated when a boat was due in rough weather and he was on duty . Not a job for the faint hearted

  2. And people dont realize the Danger our coast guard goes through. They dont need to go overseas, to war, they are at war on a daily. I salute you.
    Semper Fi

  3. Keep in mind that these seas are much rougher than this camera can show. It is moving with the waves so you really don’t get a feel for how rough this is. Some skills here! Nathan Huebner

  4. Great boat handling to the launch operators everywhere. ??? who saved my butt numerous times 32 + yrs ny harbor?⚓️

  5. I went out many times on the pilot boat with my X husband from cockspur island. 1967 68? Oh my gosh. Could write a book! We traded beer for shrimp. What an experience that was!

  6. The bravery of the pilot getting onto the mega carrier yes but how how the crazy mad skills of the person manning the wheel of that skiff. Amazing.

  7. Having done this out of Thursday Island I know the pilots I worked with would have made the master of the vessel give a better lee or swap the side of the ladder it really shouldn’t be this hairy. There was usually vertical movement to contend with but that wind and swell from the side is unnecessary.

  8. This is really dangerous but has to be done! The Pilot should have to be harnessed and use a clip to latch onto the ladder so when he grabs hold if he looses his grip he’s not going into the sea.

  9. Legends ..not only the weather but put their lives in the hands of potentially ncompetent crews every time they board a pilot ladder

  10. Why didn’t the Capt make a lee so the pilot boat can land safely along side very very poor display of seamanship

  11. Pilots and crew of pilot vessels are heroes at work!! But – did ee see a safety line/rope attached between pilot and vessel he was embarking? In industry / and offshore it eould be a demand of safety reasons..?

  12. I am crew member of a Pilot in chile and we help the pilots to climb them and their bags, and it’s a very entertaining job

  13. Saludos a mis colegas del mar para esto se nace no es cuálquiera persona que esté en este mundo de barcos aquí no hay que tener miedo al mal tiempo solo confiar en Dios respect ??

  14. As this is my job for the last 27 years, as one of the comments mentioned the vessel he was about to board should of given a lot better Lee
    But give the skipper of the pilot boat pat on the shoulder

  15. Pilot boat master is doing an excellent job in the conditions.i had sparks and and layers of paint showering me one morning putting Captain J Henderson on QE 2 .12 seasons in Fiordland for 1 actual non pickup of a pilot after many attempts, who then carried on to Australia ( we got him back 3 days later).

  16. The service of vessels Opl is an integral part of any launch operators applying safety first.The pilot would not have gone out if the conditions didn’t allow.Great skills by the skipper to allow him to board safely.The weather was not the best of days.We do this operation daily, boarding personnel and stores in all types of weather.Great video to show that this is not a simple operation when forces of nature test your skills

  17. That’s part of my work i do, to get the pilot On/Off the Vessel but that ladder he is on, is on a angle so it’s further away from the pilot ladder. I rekon it would be more safe if he was on the main deck to reach and climb that ladder!

  18. Hats of to the men and women all over the world that take on this trade. These men and women keep the freight moving.

  19. Esa es la realidad , los pilots trabajan con muy alto riesgos para llevar los buques al muelle de destino en puerto , gracias Andy bonito vídeo brother , cuidate mucho

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  21. Más bello Recuerdo cuando Decía piloto Abordo jajajajajajaja ya estábamos en puerto Gracias Dios por averme permitido viajar por todo El mundo

  22. This video is more thrilling than the movies that have come out in 2018 so far… ???

    Big respects to the people that do this. May you always be safe!


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