Swimming with a Giant Shark

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  1. They’re lucky, that shark looks like it has a full stomach. Keep doing this however and you’ll eventually have a very bad day.

  2. Again no need to touch ??‍♂️ clearly yet another attempt to impress your social media… tut tut #just observe?

  3. You are not a hero swimming so close and touching shark. Leave natural things & creatures alone for goodness sakes we have done enough damage ?

  4. How many people were there before this movie was done lol I bet one or two more. How about all these horrible movies

  5. Law of averages, there will be a day when you’ll play with a wild animal and it never ends well for the person that’s
    ( interacting ) apex predators do not care how much you love them

  6. Know what i just googled shark attaks wounds…holy shit i wont go a feet in sea after all those images..try it out and surf in tropical waters?

  7. looks like and old, tired, teethless, semi blind shark who doesn’t give a shit about anything.. still looks awesome!

  8. Her name is Deep Blue and she is the biggest great white yet seen. This is only the 7th time she has been seen and she is very pregnant


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