Fishing in Heaven

Clique aqui para acessar a fonte


  1. Something is wrong with this video! Never heard of fishing without bait and throwing your pole backwards to release the fish!

  2. That is normal..
    .they not use any kind of explosive..
    .go back to grade 6 to understand why we need fish for a meals..

  3. This is much more better than nets. Overfishing is a global problem, but this method kills less other species , that dying in nets. But this method is useful not for all fishes.

  4. But seriously, someone please explain what you call this kind of fishery and how it works? Fish just flies off the hook ?

  5. No huge nets corralling fish into a huge net. Without surrounding boats dropping colored bombs to scare the fish into said huge net. I hope this is the future of sustainable market fishing.


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