MSC ZOE lost 270 containers a few weeks ago

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  1. Imagine if there was some way of holding a smartphone in so that you could get a full screen width view of a situation. Especially when taking video of something that requires a wide view… ?

  2. Already it is difficult that MSC will pay for damages and losses.
    If then it is declared “act of god” the receivers will not see a penny.
    I hope they are provided with
    cargo insurance!!!!

  3. Angelo Vlassenrood Christian Rombouts Greta De Bock Els Van Echelpoel Jeannine Schijvenaars Tiny Strijdonk Luc van Haute

  4. Probably a rookie question but.

    I wonder what happens with the containers. Does someone have to get them and who pays for that? If they are way down in hundreds/thousands of feet below, they still have to get them or do they just leave them there? Losing cars and all. And who’s responsible for the a disaster like that? The boat company or the port personnel that embarked the containers?

  5. Lost containers are a growing threat to small vessels sailing the seas. Its now a major issue. These containers can “float” a few feet below the surface ripping the keel of any yacht that his them.

  6. Was this the one near the Netherlands? Volunteers and the army have been cleaning our beaches. Still working on it..


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