Changing Shift in Rough Weather!



  1. Crane op to blame there pure and simple and retarded deck crew , tag lines can’t be used on personal transfer either so that wouldn’t have helped ? weather isn’t that bad !

  2. Every company have a different rules regarding weather limits for personal transfers and Crane operation. Despite that the final one is on the Captain. Billy Pugh capacity is 6 pax.
    Unfortunately there was more than 6 pax – Captain fault. Period.
    Tag lines missing – Captain fault…..
    The last one is always Captain one’s

  3. Saw this kind of change over in the early eighties , put me off ever working on rigs for life. Our Cpt only allowed it once then called the rest off as weather did calm down the following day. Thought with H&S these days all that was done with and is all transfered by chopper. Guess not ?

  4. Broken leg right there when it got jammed between the basket and the metal rail. Then a 15ft fall to top it off.

  5. I’ve ridden a Billy Pugh twice in much calmer weather and that was enough for me! I can’t believe it is still allowed without any safety harnesses. Just get on and hang on.

  6. Wow! Scary!! I don’t like seeing this and knowing you do this multiple times. I’d rather hear about it once you get home from the job. It worries me while on the job .

  7. the boat skipper did a good job holding it steady in the conditions the crane op should have come up on the hook a bit quicker once of the deck and these Billy Pughs are now banned in WA

  8. Dam shame s to see I wouldn’t perform that deal maybe another ways they could gotten off or stop work. Authority

  9. I lot of mistakes occur while boarding or riding the personnel basket ,on no conduction you have your both leg on the brim of the basket when you know the boat is rocking strongly on heavy swell & pitching the crane oprt should have stopped the lift & demand a tag line attached to the basket before lifting , this was a total manuvring situation , three point contact is a key to surviving rough sea conditions like this, thanks for sharing this video, this is a lesson.

  10. That is a 6-men billy pugh transfer basket.. The captain should not have allowed the transfer to go ahead.. Some countries has the limit of 1.5m swell for personnel transfer.. This is obviously more than 1.5m and sea condition is rough.. Negligence at work.. One personnel is smart to refuse transfer..

    Edwin Ting Kok Weng Izzat Zahari daily shit

  11. That is what happens working with 19th century means of transfer; where is ILO, where is the ITF, where is the class society ??


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