Close Call

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  1. After working for Seatow for 12 years and a bunch more on a tug I thought I saw it all. Never underestimate mans stupidity.

  2. The Truth of this, vessel is on channeling and the boat had a engine failure in the middle of channeling area, vessel can’t alter course bcoz it will aground or can collided to other vessel ahead but dont worry bcoz Mr. Pilot on board that vessel can manage the situation..

  3. No backup independent engine. Golden rule spare engine or 2 boats keep together in case of problems. Like fire.

  4. Maybe they’re on channelling situations i observed there was a buoy Capt is on the bridge He must choose between life and property that situation he chooses property over life which is wrong law state life is more important than property. Either way he must prepare a report to authorities and his company. But luckily no one was hurt or damage but that was a damn near miss situations.

  5. No game plan and number of people yelling at once. And that, boys and girls is called ‘organised confusion.’ “Put your lifejackets on.” Really?


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