After breaking the upper part of the mast during Day 12 of Leg 5 to Itajaí, Dongfeng Race Team head to land while trying to simultaneously stabilise the precarious situation with their hanging mast.



  1. Not sure how Phill Walker expects them to rig a lower off for the broken mast section. Most of the halyards are mast head so unusable, they have even lost some of the fractional ones I suspect he is on the only available line to get him up there as he doesn't even have a safety. The rig looks super unstable as they have lost cap shrouds and starboard Ds. They clearly think it could go over with him up there, they don't normally go up the mast in dry suits wearing life jackets! He needs to get up and down as quick as possible hence the angle grinder to cut the halyards. Absolutely fantastic job in my opinion.

  2. No doubt these guys are fitter,braver and better payed than I am, and its easy to criticise from the warmth of my couch. But just for the future it might be worth considering a controlled lowering to the deck. It only just missed the deck. Compliments to the Frenchman up the rig, 'oh putain' is right.

  3. They are going to be so pissed off when they see how good the sailing is around the Cape at the moment as well.  Good work on getting your boat back to shore without any injuries or doing the boat any more damage


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