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  1. Question for Rosco or anyone else in race control: Any concerns about pirates as the fleet approaches the Philippines? Isn't that supposed to be a dangerous area for sailors?

  2. Hi there. There is a new boat at the back scene (where the VO 65 SCA used to be). Is it the new VO boat? and it seems to have a different/articulated keel?? Curiosity kills the sailor! 😉 Oguz (o_ouz)

  3. One thing I'd like to know about are the navigational tactics when a distant squall is spotted – which way are wind shifts expected, if options are available which way to steer, etc. A diagram could be very helpful too?

  4. We used to clamp a thick piece of wire to the bottom of a mast stay and let it hang into the water to help in the event of a lightning strike. Don't know if that's done any more?


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