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  1. Great teaching moment – opportunity! Can you please, in detail, describe the procedure that was successfully executed to recover from the MoB event on Scallywag? All sailors should be familiar with such a life-saving maneuver. You've got a huge, attentive following and your media is one of the best ways to reach the largest group of novice sailors I can think of.

  2. If he had been wearing a tether he might have been dragged thru the water at speed… ?
    Also maybe some reflective material on the ends of the sleeves – wave an arm in the air to be seen….

  3. great job from the VOR crew on this daily live, you guys are finding your stride…. music at 13min was AMAZING,,, its more saling like music, i prefer that over the grindy bro mainstream bass music that comes on sometimes.

  4. Aside from the man overboard which SHKS did an outstanding job getting him back on board when the boats are stationary in the doldrums are the crew allowed to take a dip in the ocean to maybe cool off or something.

  5. If you start your engine in a race like they did to recover the man overboard, is that an automatic DSQ? Or sailing back to where he fell overboard, exonerate them? Also I like the drone safety question. Do drones have infra red cameras?

  6. Where is the footage of him falling overboard?
    Because last Volvo the OBR's could press a button and the cameras save the last footage leading up to the incident, like the OBR on Vestas did when they hit a reef.

  7. Question: You have already mentioned several times that the team cannot use the images of the drone, but could it be allowed in such an emergency situation such as the man over board situation?


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