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  1. You are absolutely losing out on the primary DRAMA at this point! We (your audience) are really really concerned about Vestas and Scallywag. Maybe Volvo has some sort of contract or something that does not allow further information sharing. I now consider the Volvo people just plain STUPID not to report about the incredible process for these two boats. What are you guys going to do? Just say OK they've arrived and now they can race? CRAP! I FEEL AS ABANDONED AS THE CREW OF THESE TWO BOATS MUST FEEL! VOLVO PEOPLE : REALLY MISSING THE POINT, AGAIN!

  2. As som one who hopes to be a OBR one day for the Volvo ocean race this was awesome to see the challenges the Volvo media team go through to get the iconic shots. Excited to see more of this style of content. The story of the Story tellers Is just as important and interesting.

    Future OBR hopeful,

    Felipe Juncadella
    Up Top Media