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  1. I noticed Jack Boutell said the grib files just don't agree with what the conditions they are seeing. I wonder how many of these guys laughed at David Witt when he said he just threw the grib files away because theybwere somfar off and used common sense on the last stage. Yet here he is aagain a leader to the doldrums.

  2. For Jen. To retrieve the drone do you fly it onto the boat from the stern or from one of the sides. Is it difficult to learn how to time the catch, especially on a fast moving part of the leg?

  3. If you are like me and following on utube and not FB I've noticed the daily updates show up in the playlist first and only in the video list later in the day or not until the next day! Right now at 8:45am ET( USA) the playlist shows Monday update as loading in the playlist! Cheers warren


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