Fire On board | Poor Management

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  1. I’ll equipped and not trained no procedures in place very poor management feel sorry for the crew the firm should be fined sending these ill trained crew to sea. Risking the rescuers lives as well shameless

  2. Purpose of regular drills. My guys can get water on a fire in under a minute. The one who is at the box first does the first hose and the next does the second hose. The first guy then does the third hose and the second guy goes back and turns the hydrant on. They have all been trained this way so it doesn’t matter if they are first or second at the fire station they know what to do.

  3. This is why big companies must not look for low wage crew just to save a mere few bucks, or else this happens

  4. WTF, it’s the keystone cops at sea, no ppe, lack of hose maintenance or lack of knowledge.
    Must admit I’ve always been a fan of the push hose connections versus the screw type

  5. Clearly they haven’t done a lot of safety drills playing through different scenarios.. poor management indeed

  6. If you have a fire on bord,it’s the most important thing to make a video with your phone. I am sure that there was nothing else to do for that guy ?‍♂️?‍♀️??‍♀️

  7. wtf, what kind of amateurs are these, on flipflops, no decent protection of clothing, waterhoses not decently connected, no decent first attack crew


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