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  1. I have never heard a more ridiculous attempt of explaining VMG than here. Both commenters failed, VMG is just that part of a boat's speed which goes directly towards its destination. Otherwise nice race, good coverage, good overlays on the gates.

  2. Second out of two years where the race was primarily a follow-my-leader course. Newport is lovely, but apart from a few select moments the In-Port races are less than dynamic. Is Newport the best bet for a VOR stopover…?

  3. at 1:08:20 Kenny Read talked about Vestas struggling at the leeward mark eventually allowing SHK & DF to challenge them for 3rd place up the final leg. We never saw another shot or mention of that until we saw Scallywag meandering thru the spectator boats.

  4. Terrible start to the programme, editor should either be retrained or "sacked", a bit harsh maybe but a lot of people watch this show. Ridiculous to have scenes of less than one second.
    Congratulations to Team Brunel, keep it up, well done!!

  5. The Opening Montage With The Hyper-Quick Editing Is Simply Rubbish!
    The Cuts Are So Short That The Eye Doesn't Have Time To Focus On Any Element In The Given Scene. This Style Of Editing Is Borderline Mentally Abusive… Shame.


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