Huge jump! ?

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  1. Loved my Hobies! Tough, durable, fast, and colorful! I sailed them in the 70’s and 80’s and want another! I’m thinking a 16’ could handle Hawaii perfectly and I can step the mast and sail it myself as an older guy! Cowabunga!!

  2. Da vedere è un bello spettacolo, ma la fine del filmato non si vede. Il video YouTube ha ripresa fatte da sotto la barca e i salti sembrano più alti.

  3. Flew like that once in Gissy just before a cartwheel….. mean ☺However landing never good. Crew should have been hiking also.

  4. Archie Bevis Beatrice Portinari Will Picton I reckon if we turned around going around the Pinnacles we could have done this!


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