The fleet departs for a 7,000nm race from Lisbon to Cape Town – but first, a tricky, high speed course around the bay. Who will lead out of the Portuguese capital?

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  1. what a surprise .this is realy a very competitive race ,very exciting and I should say that again,also beautiful and how I wish I could be a crew in any of this boats .Well, I just learned what is the meaning of the word "envy ". This is mind blowing.

  2. Can you please, please knock it off with the regressive left PC lingo. Bow-woman, Helms-woman, sea-woman-ship…stop messing with the English language, you are not qualified! How far are you going to take this? Will person become perdaughter.  "My, her sea-perdaughter is superb!" Even the female commentator is like, "ugh, wtf are you talking about?" Let me make this very clear – I have absolutely no issue what so ever with women participating in the Volvo, I love that there are female sailors who can do this insane event. Dee Cafari is a legend, regardless of sex, she's a badass sailor. But mixing in this politically correct, authoritarian socialist left political idiology maskerading under the guise of 3rd wave feminism with sport is beyond absurd. By it's very definition, sport is about equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. Equality of outcome is exactly what is being enforced in the Volvo with this mandatory female crew rule, and in the long run, will do more to regress women in sailing. You're treating women like a theyre a handicap on the boat right now, in a weird way almost like balance of performance in sportscar racing. This rule sends so many wrong messages. It prevents a female skipper from choosing an all male crew. It prevents an all female crew like SCA from entering, and winning. If anything, the SCA boat showed that women can compete against men. This new rule will prevent an all female boat from ever winning – what are you trying to say, that women can't win without men to help them? It's disgusting what you people are doing, mixing this regressive politicalIdiology with sport. Where is this diversity stuff going to stop? Looking at the crews, they all seem pretty white to me – when are you going to have a rule that forces all boats to be more "enthically diverse." Every commentator in the videos so far has been white, where is the enthnic diversity Volvo??? What about trans people? Where is their spot on the boat? All boats should have at least 2 non-binary people on board at all times. They'll be stronger for it, because success directly correlates with diversity…..

  3. This is more exciting and interesting to watch than all of the last America's Cup. You can see the choices being made and work being done to make these boats sail.

  4. The commentary was particularly excellent during this leg start. The video demonstrated the importance of sail choice and trim as described in the commentary. Thank you again for all the hard work and for the state of the art technology you provide to your fans. As always, safe journey to these sailors!

  5. I have a Preference too: Dongfeng Race Team. Will Charles Caudrelier be 3rd Time the charm in Cape Town? He finished 3rd onboard Groupama in 2011/12 and 2nd with Dongfeng last time. The Gybe tonight will be crucial. Then the breeze will come almost directly from astern and MAPFRE's lead on the Tracker could be melting like ice-cream in no time.


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