It could have been much worse for Turn the Tide on Plastic’s Liz Wardley as she got her leg caught in the sheet during the Mirpuri Foundation In-Port Race in Lisbon.

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  1. Very dangerous. I sailed on a tourist yacht in Whitsundays Aust, had a very chatty scuba dive master on board. Got hit by a squall, yacht rounded into the wind, genoa started flapping, and the sheet whipped around the dive master's neck and threw him to the deck. We got it clear thank heavens, but had everyone shit scared. That chap didn't say much for the rest of the trip.

  2. Thanks for posting this. Firstly, because you are not afraid of showing the errors but secondly for reminding everybody how dangerous this sport can be. Sail safe – and fast!!!!, Liz!

  3. Ouch ! I hope Liz has a fast recovery.

    That is why I don't like being the bowman. Nearly all of my major sailing injuries have happened on the bow deck. I'm still rehabilitating my knee after breaking a ligament in an inshore race in July.

  4. I sailed alot with women onboard and have nothing against it. But to make it mandatory is gender politics. Same boats, same sailmaker, two-women-rule. This is not sport anymore, it's communism on water.


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