A tribute to sailing legend Magnus Olsson. The Swede, who has died at the age of 64, competed in the Volvo Ocean Race six times and was revered as an icon of the race and one of the sport’s most generous, fun-loving and free-spirited characters.

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  1. I met magnus in Annapolis in 1998, He has been my inspiration to sail around the world, and now at 47 I will join the clipper race to complete that journey. Sail On

  2. My sister's grandson, 6 years old, pinchis his eyes wen he is steering our little yacht and is looking into the sun. His squeeze eye-lids make me remember Magnus and a tear flows, of happiness, seeing this boy enjoying sailing, just as magnus with his pinched eyes ordered to do. In 45 years he wil have crow's feet just like Magnus.

  3. Due to bad weather we watched Gary Jobson's Dvd "Fighting Finish" seeing Magnus declaring never to sail around the world anymore, Afterwards we've watched the DVD "Spanish Night to White Castle" and heard Magnus: "talk, talk, talk,.." The effect when we see footage of Magnus is Always the same, melancholy combined with joy. Lot's of joy.

  4. He had the most epic Leg 5 in the 2008-2009 race. It was a absolutely amazing start, run, and finish and he kept his signature fun loving charisma throughout the stress. Incredible.

  5. Magnus was a great friend and will be one of the greatest sailors remembered. I sailed a few miles with him and he was a man that always had a smiled and always up beat in life. he will be remembered forever. Fair Sailing Above Magnus

  6. A great inspiration for us, in heavy winds, high waves when the sea looks twice as large we feel like a viking, we feel lik Magnus and ever will.
    Just having fun and enjoying the sailing!

  7. It is with great sadness that I read the report of Magnus Olsson's passing. I've been a fan of the Whitbread and Volvo Ocean races for many years and somehow his name has always been synonymous with the professionalism, honor and spirit of the events. One of my heroes! Fairwinds……………

  8. Rest in piece Magnus, you were one of my absolute biggest idols in this wonderful world of sailing and my huge hero !
    We met a couple of times and the last one was 2009 in Sandhamn when i was going to sail Around Gotland and you bought me a beer and we spoke of the trip with E3 and I had so much fun.
    May the wind be with you in heaven my friend.
    Regards Mattias, Sweden

  9. My sailing mentor…. in 1984 he rescued me in Porto Cervo and we sailed to Palma on Bla Carat.. we laughed forever when he said "Don't YUMP ship with your YACKETS" meaning leave the foul weather gear behind. He had so much patience and taught me so much and trusted me on stormy watches. I really don't think he ever slept when I was at the helm, just pretended. If you think of someone today, contact them.. they may be gone tomorrow… My heart goes out to his family and friends..

  10. One of the best ever has left us in absolute loss! I will miss him and his humor, smile and the never ending power and his resolution is without a doubt the best I have come a cross. We sailors have lost a great friend and the World has lost a great man and personality.

    But his legacy will live forever!

  11. Greatly saddened to hear of Magnus's passing. What a legend and an amazing character with always a cheerful 'Hello, how you doin?'. Sailing has lost one of it's greatest characters and he'll be sadly missed. Rest in peace Magnus and if you have half the fun while you were here it'll still be fantastic. Thank you for sharing your wonderful spirit with us all.

  12. Magnifique Skipper qui à 64 ans semble avoir une pêche inoxidable avec une peau taillée aux embruns des océans du large.La Mer conserve quand elle est respecté,cap nord ouest est sud pour finir sous le soleil Pacifique.R²


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