Oh my WAVE!



  1. Do we need to keep on reinventing stupidity to the risk of life and limb. REALLY ? ! Come on, dummy up, eh ? ! ???

  2. This was headline news. What people don’t realize is that in addition to the boat’s skipper and first mate, five other passengers were in the boat that day…

    …for a three hour cruise.

    A three hour cruise.

  3. The sea is not a playground. It can be loved for its beauty but it can kill you very fast if you don’t respect it.

  4. Seems they are playing the waves with boat for fun. You know how much seafarers suffered in giant waves and even lost their life?

  5. Estoesto no se debe de hacer poner una embarcación de ese tipo, contra una mata arbolada, exponiendo a las personas que van a bordo a un mal golpe y perderse en la mar por causa de un mal golpe.

  6. Matty Jack Davies Kyron Sturgess Cam Sturgess this could’ve been us that time at 1770 years ago headin our in that boat ?


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