Port of Durban

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  1. South African´s harbour or coast-“communities” should be intelligent enough able to get this “CLEANED UP” It can be done in a few days. !!! To whom does this apply HELP ???

  2. This post is a load of crap. This was after a big storm. The Harbour does not normally look like this

  3. Talking with some mates today and much the same around Indonesia, PNG etc…….bloody hell the human species needs to wake up…..it’s all our problem….?????

  4. Clear it up to where -Landfill ,waste to energy incinerator ? The fact is these products come from oil and what we have to commercialise is a process that gives waste plastic a value. Convert it back to a fuel and work with the packaging industries to develop reusable and or bio degradable packaging – but oh how horrid to have the articulation of this need so visible in Durban

  5. Well put it that way. Its obviously been concentrated in one place so its perfect to be collected that way.

  6. Port of Houston looks the same after a heavy rain… all the trash/plastic and debris from the city pours into the waterway.

  7. That’s bad alright but
    NZers don’t forget the rubbish dump that got washed out to see in the last flood on west coast
    Shit happens here too we are all to blame in the end

  8. Discusting that places like this don’t bother to take on the responsibility of cleaning that shit up,laziness plain and simple ?

  9. One thing concerns me the most: everyone taking a pictures and videos but no one be bothered enough to film how they picked up the rubbish.


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