All the live action recorded from the In-Port Race in Sanya, and what an exciting race it turned out to be!..



  1. So the Nazi-Chinese sponsored boat, sailed by  Ozz/Kwi sailor clones beats the Petro-dictator sponsored boat sailed by  Ozz/Kiwi sailor clones.  The 'boys' continue to beat the "girls".  No women or men in this race,. eh?  How annoying. Get into the 21st century, "boys".

  2. Interesting how much the crew of the Chinese boat look like Aussie/Kiwis.  Gee, the Dutch crews look like Aussie/Kiwis, too.  Wow. All the nations' boat crews look and sound like generic Aussi/Kiwis and even most Volvo commentators speak that atrocious Ozz/Kiwi version of the Queen's English.  Something like all the American NHL hockey teams even from the deep south talking Canadian — weird.


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