The new BENETEAU Figaro 3 ??



  1. I know the wings bring benefit to performance. A little. But they just look so ugly and seem so wrong.

    Are tilting keels not enough tech? How far are we going in a sport designed to let anyone in?

    Comments welcome.

  2. I feel like this beautiful Beneteau needs to be lake tested in the Midwest – and it occurs to me that I live in Missouri near Lake Jacomo where I keep my 1984 Beneteau First 235 (rigged for single handling). OK, maybe I’m dreaming but I like to foiling idea and would like to know how docking and tight race maneuvering works out. Love the innovative designs, trials and real world testing – keep pushing the limits.

  3. Nice boat design , but these foils look useless, don’t create any lift at all … the bow is splashing water the hole time…

  4. How much visibility to leeeward does the helm have? From the video it looks like collision avoidance could be an issue.

  5. Can’t really see much use of the foils positioned as they are
    If the boat is sailing flat on the water the foils don’t even touch the water


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