See the Volvo Ocean 70s and their crews slamming through some of the roughest, most terrifying, and dangerous conditions on the planet while competing in the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12.

A selection of some of the most incredible and spectacular rough ocean footage you’ll ever see.

Expect more like this to be uploaded to the Official Volvo Ocean Race YouTube Channel in the future. Get all the latest updates on



  1. 6 months of team sailing with about a dozen of very long stop-overs to refuel, see your family, get someone else to repair your boat, plenty of time to enjoy the local bars and venues… versus 3 months single handed race round the World with no stop-over, no assistance, 30 minutes sleeping breaks max, self-repair for both sailor and boat (try stitching your own tongue at sea)… The VR formerly known as Whitbread is tough if you come from regatta sailing (i.e. the America Cup) and more used to sipping Champagne at your local Yacht club surrounded by billionaires on their yacht but you are not a sailor until you go out there on your own. So, VG is the toughest by miles for this reason.

    Frank Cammas and Groupama 4 won the Volvo Race at their first attempt, but has yet to win the Vendée Globe because it is a vastly superior level of fitness, mental toughness and endurance quite simply. It is like comparing a weekend enduro to the Dakar rallye. Solo round the World is the ultimate race and very popular in France sadly the Anglo-Saxons are yet to join, this is why they consider the Volvo Race to be the toughest. If you cannot join them, beat them on paper I guess. At least the French have given the America's Cup a go, albeit with fewer sponsors and interest from the public which is a shame. It will take time to get results but the sailors are there, the Peyron and Cammas.

    To me these are completely different breeds of sailors. Some are regatta specialists, some are sea wolves. You don't jump the boat so easily. To my knowledge only Peter Blake and Grant Dalton managed the two but even they have not sailed solo round the World in a race so there are different disciplines in sailing. Offshore sailing though is a no brainer. Vendee Globe, Jules Verne, Volvo Race and Route du Rhum in that order, and if I put Route du Rhum behind the VR it is only because on board technology took the best of it and it is a cross Atlantic race not round the World. Many races are about technology these days, but there is only one for which man remains at the forefront and that's the VG. The chances of dying in a team race are extremely scarce, in a solo race it is a reality families of the sailors have to be prepared for. If you fall over, it is game over your boat won't turn around to pick you up. Some of the mistakes you see in the VR would have disastrous consequences in the VG.

  2. Vendee Globe is…by a good leg, harder than VOR. But, RESPECT to anyone prepared, and capable enough to sail around the world in anything, with or anyone. It's serious shit, and especially in the awesome vastness of the pacific, anyone considering it, needs to make sure they really take it seriously, and learn all you can before attempting it.

  3. Is any of this or similar footage available for purchase? I am working on a stormy seas corporate video montage and I would like to use a few of these shots.

  4. Since the boat is going to plow through the wave you would think they would build the boat to shed/deflect the water from smashing the sailor at the wheel.


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