When you go to check the outrigger – and end up falling into the Pacific Ocean! That’s what happened to Scallywag rookie Alex Gough on Leg 4 – and it sparked a dramatic rescue operation onboard the Hong Kong boat which saw them get the Australian back onboard in less than 15 minutes! Cool heads on board!

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  1. So many lessons to be learned here . Wearing all black clothing is just plain silly, no life jacket, no locator beacon, not clipped on. If you see this kind of practice on a boat don't doubt yourself, don't give in to peer pressure, just walk away, there is probably lots of other things wrong with the way it's run. I personally know two sailors who have lost friends and crew mates during a race and many more who have gone overboard without safety kit but lived to tell the tale. Those people who lived were never the same again and those who lost their battle with the sea left devastated families behind.

    Your life is more important than winning a stupid race. The sea shows no mercy.

  2. Watching this now when they're talking about 20 knots in the black and it would have been much worse…. These sailors need to wear better safety gear and gear that you can see from the distance (flashing lights etc..)

  3. Wow u can't make that up….they already had a man overboard on a leg before and now someone is dead. What is going on there? The captain has a lot to answer for…he is responsible for that mess. I wouldn't let that man on a boat again.

  4. Sinceramente i've Starter to Saul when i was a kid, me dad Said One time ONLY:". If you are on a boat make sure that you wear flashing colors! Outside there is ONLY Water!"
    Their not Kids anymore, but not imortal too.

  5. Not clear why professional racers don’t wear life jackets and ais while on deck. Every big franchise like driving riding cycling has successfully introduced them. Same goes for all of us who drive, ride and commute. It just becomes an habit and you stop noticing it after a while

  6. Hello, my name is Lindsay Benson, and I work with CNN. Glad to see everything turned out okay! We're interested in sharing your video. Does CNN have permission to post this video on all platforms and affiliates, worldwide and in perpetuity with credit to you (Volvo Ocean Race)? Thanks!

  7. Where is the footage of him falling overboard?
    Because last Volvo the OBR's could press a button and the cameras save the last footage leading up to the incident, like the OBR on Vestas did when they hit a reef.

  8. Skipper is partly to blame. He is responsible for the safety of his crew. I know they are all tired and that is when mistakes happen. Lucky not to have the first casualty of the race. Well done crew for getting him back safely onboard.

  9. No life vest, no personal epirb, not latched on… Not only stupid but gives a bad message to other sailors. Professional sailors should be taking safety more seriously, not just for themselfs but for the others that look up to them


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