Watch this Aground Container Ship



  1. So would this be considered a found treasure i bet its still worth a few million if you could get her to a dock plus what is in the containers

  2. This vessel is named Yusuf Cepnioglu. Incident happened in 2014 off the coast of the Mykonos Island. The vessel and the cargo was a total loss. Current legal proceedings indicate that the collision happened due to crews negligence.

  3. There sunk n grounded probably major hull damage now too why didn’t he anchor? May have been on way out would explain why

  4. If a vessel goes aground, one maybe engine fails, stopped, wind will drift it, now anyone can tell me if it’s a real accident, what will the master do, there’s no other alternative but to let both ankers drop, no? It will get stuck somehow but not aground,


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