Would you dare working in such condition !
That’s real Life at Sea



  1. I wonder on this video why they not have that rope gun,IT range IS long ,this kind of case that IS exellent ,no need to go closer, IT IS a better than throw that weather

  2. Tht is nothing compare to a small Fishing boat on deepseas. I only went fr four trips then I said to myself enough is enough

  3. Ya it’s hazerd pay and if you don’t drown you’ll have a good paycheck when you get back to land.and yes you got to have big balls deffently

  4. questioning the approach of the tug boat …approaching from the wright side (sofrano) of the disable boat would have been easier way the tug boat to give the even line to the disable boat. But forgivnes always exist for the people who make descisions under these terrible conditions

  5. Hahaha that is actually just normal weather?? I would pass a tow in that weather any day… I do however question the first officers approach and the first mates handling of the deck… I would do quite a few things different even if I only had a heaving line at my dispossal but I do agree with earlier comments I line throwing gun would’ve been my preferred choice aswell… Even a seaboat to transfer the messenger line wouldve been a better choice then what they had in mind…

  6. Just think, when in the union doing construction if it looked like rain they would put a brick out on its side, if it got seven drops of rain on it they would call it a day and hit the taverns because they were rained out!!!!

  7. I observed several training exercises for this exact maneuver in Prince William Sound with tugs attempting to pick up a tow from an oil tanker, a couple of them in seas like this. Not a fun day at the beach.

  8. It what my Brother & Sisters Do and I can only think of that age old saying (Never Ture Your Back On The Sea Son)

  9. I once dreamed of being a Korean naval officer.. But I realised i get seasick… So, I wouldn’t be able to do that…

  10. Not a safe deck. A rouge wave could wash them all away. These are calculated risks. It’s ultimately upto the captain to call it off. The men won’t leave each other on the deck. It’s a sailor code.

  11. I did it underwater! CDC “Commercial Diving Corporation” Underwater Welder till crush injuries took me out of the business.

  12. why not? just to have some different taste. it will be a new adventure. Everyday, same routine life is boaring. life is full of risk. Good luck to them. Who works there. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.

  13. Joke lol I’m still trying to figure out if this is a joke on a green crew if this is really wut some think is bad weather loll or if it’s just a parody of some kind cause you would think if real would be a bit more efficient

  14. I have done plenty of shit jobs in my time,walking on beams laying out steel sheets,angle grinding in big coal hoppers and heaps of big jack hammer jobs,but I am not going in those big seas.

  15. t, Realey unprofesional, they are mucking about with throuwing a line, shoot a line and you have 250 metre line to work with.

  16. Considering all these guys are on about 4x the average wage I’m not surprised they are working in these conditions. Harden up.

  17. It proves that supply boats do not make good salvage tugs, but he could have approached bow to bow and passed a messenger line or used a rocket line?

  18. Done this a couple of times…last time we hooked up playing breakdown truck, this was taken a couple of hrs after

  19. Typical day at sea. Not sure that heading was the absolute best. But yes that’s what it entails and why mariners are paid top dollar!

  20. I miss the adventure I experience even every trip I did never bore for long. I sailed for 23 years before I took time off to fight cancer and doing as I write this.

  21. Yes ….I did that in a submarine 1000 tone…..s class it was a very hard work long time…..29 years in the navy……

  22. As an offshore worker, i am always awed by the boats that these people works on.. How the hell it stays afloat with so many metal balls onboard????


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