Follow the fleet as it races out of Lisbon in 25-30 knots of wind and huge waves! It’s gonna be a wet one!

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  1. hey, someone can tell me more about "apparent wind sailing"? not sure if this term is correct but i really like to read more about that concept… thank you!

  2. ? Takes me back to my days of racing on Lake Ontario on a 65ft J boat, NOT! we were lucky to get 12knots in a 25knot breeze.
    Sailing technology sure has come a long way.

  3. Need more of this instead of split-second and stylized edits of the boats sailing. There is nothing more cool than watching one of these amazing and beautiful machines flying over the water- for MINUTES instead of seconds.

  4. How do they even stay on the boat?!?
    I’d be in the drink by now.
    Best of luck to all the crews but I’m casting my lot with Vestas just to support my countryman Enright.

  5. Wow, I'm looking at it now for the fourth time, this footage! It's addicting. Seeing Mapfre with masthead zero, J2 and J3 is just a beautiful view. We visited Lisbon for in-Port race and the start of this leg 2 and then it's really nice to relive it back home with these videos. Just great. I would welcome a live stream of the webcams showing sailing say for one hour a day, just like you had these videos with dash cams of cars riding through cities and landscapes. Thanks VOR!

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