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We have some epic footage for you to kick-start your weekend!
Filmed off the coast of Portugal and hitting a staggering 33.2 knots in rough seas, HUGO BOSS was really sending it!

Special thanks to Paulo Mirpuri and Mirpuri Foundation for capturing these incredible scenes that we won’t forget anytime soon.

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  1. Having raced one designs years ago and now watching foiling catamarans making 40 knots is positively mind blowing. Oh, yeah, years ago I also was going 80 knots with an iceboat. The most fun you can have with your clothes on.

  2. Benjamin Rasmussen hvis i fik 2 nye topsejl, vil Skibladner II komme til at sejle med ca. samme fart som på video`en.

  3. Having owned and sail an ex Whitbread racer over many years – I tell you – this I something else. Technology, trail and error made this possible. Wondering where it will end.

  4. 34 knots off Port Douglas Qld Australia on a Nacra36 with 6 crew and choppy seas inside the Great Barrier Reef.
    No exactly where there coming from. AWSOME.

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