Work At Sea | Crew breaking Heavy Frozen Ice on Deck



  1. Hey construction crews!!! Take note that only one person isn’t working (must be a supervisor). Instead of what I always see 1 person working with 5 guys just standing around the 1 guy working!

  2. I always enjoy reading comments made by people who’ve never experienced what they’ve just watched hahaha

    I fished the bearing sea in Alaska many years. Boats have enough engineering issues and things that can sink them as is, adding more is not only a nuisance but removes space for cargo and lowers the tonnage they carry. Ice has to be removed or the boat will roll over. It’s gets top heavy. The fastest safest way is to remove it with dead blow hammers like in this video. Even salt water freezes. Hot water freezes faster than cold and adds even more weight to an already top heavy vessel

  3. they should use the heat they pump in to the water to cool the huge engine’s of these boat’s to heat the deck and keep the ice from forming!

  4. Surrounded by salt water and use hammer?? Where is the fire pump? work better than hammer, or they wanna make some exercises cause they don have heater in the room??

  5. I remember the stories my dad used to tell us when we were kids about breaking the ice from the overhead cables on fishing trawlers.. Leave it and you would certainly capsize, must of been back breaking work

  6. you know when you see all the crossfit guys and girls thumping a truck tire with a sledge hammer? they are just training for this situation!

  7. Been to Arctic and Antarctica many times. It’s easier to use a presurised SEA WATER hose than hammering it. Can be done easily by 2 Deck Hands or even just 1. LMAO

  8. Rime ice. Bad stuff, caused by water vapor in the air condensing onto, usually metal, surfaces. If left on the vessel, it will capsize her.

  9. Megajob, habe ich selber gemacht, danach brauchst kein Fitnessstudio mehr und warm ist dir auch bei -25 Grad! Jeroen van Goor

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