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  1. This reminds me of a frantic night in Sydney in 1962,when the Dockers had decided that all our preventers on the derricks had the wrong splice.All hands, including the apprentices, were splicing for hours to replace them and be ready the next morning.We got the next day off.

  2. Good splice – I wouldn’t do it without leather gloves – had my hands ripped open numerous times before I started wearing them!! ⚓️?

  3. That’s quality! Like watching professionals at sea..Don’t think many folk do it now, maybe fishermen, thimbles and Ferrules more common now

  4. Who ever said the miss doing a wire splice must have forgot how it is to do one. Most fishing boats this is done between our legs and is a total nightmare just pushing the spike it takes great effort. Luke irvan. Doing it ashore and doing it on a boat is 2 completely different things

  5. One thing note bought cable is: different than rope. Cable splicing w the flow , not against. Dump core about mid way. Weave in

  6. Why are you showing this? Safe working should be taken into account instead of Facebook likes on your video’s….

  7. Only us in the field use this method. Shoreside, it’s a hydraulic press and crimps. Molly-Hogans are even still used in the field in a bind.


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