A container ship with 27 crew members on the Singapore-flagged Maersk Honam include 13 from India, nine from the Philippines, two from Thailand, and one from Romania, South Africa, and the United Kingdom ,caught fire in the Arabian Sea near Lakshadweep Islands on Tuesday night, the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) said on Wednesday.

“The crew sent out a distress signal and a total of 23 crew members were safely evacuated to the nearby vessel ALS Ceres.

Four of the ship’s crew members are missing while the others have been rescued, it said. The 330-metre-long Maersk Honam, which was en route to Suez from Singapore caught fire on Tuesday night with flames from the main deck of the ship rising up to its bridge (a height of about 25 metres),
The chances of locating the four missing seafarers from burning container ship Maersk Honam in the Arabian Sea are dwindling, says Maersk in an update Thursday afternoon
. One crew member is confirmed dead.
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  1. I believe the fire was cause by highly inflamable products which can be falsely declared or not properly stored, so when it’s resulted to fire it very difficult to quench, my deepest condolences goes out to the family of the crew member the lost his life.

  2. Sale Presutto what a mean horrible thing to say! People are missing and have lost a life. There is no need for such rude comments. In times like this people need to come together and help each other. There is no space in this world for mean people like you.

  3. As a former Maersk employee, I have been following this, horrified. I pray they find the missing and my heart goes out to the family of the lost mariner. This is a stark reminder of the dangers we face out there. Be good to each other!

  4. Don’t judge those crews. Wait for the result of the expert’s investigation. Definitely they will nail the root cause.

  5. C’mon Mark Homan I don’t think here is the best place to post about bringing back western seafarers given the circumstances. I’ve sailed with Thai, Chinese, Filipino and Brits and there’s good and bad from all nationalities.

  6. Amo na dapat nila panumdumon nga mabudlay mag ubra sa barko, ang iban nagapagusto lang ka gasto ka kwarta ka seaman, pero kabuhi ang ginataya nila, iban nagapahambog nga seaman bata nila! Daku allotment nila! Mga tikalon pa! Wala Sila kahibalo kung ano ka risky mag ubra sa barko

  7. why do filipinos always jump to conclusions without evidence. No one knows yet what caused this calamity.. Wait until the facts are known and then make your comments. Unbelievable!

  8. It’s an accident, it can happen anywhere and anytime, we do not know that, let’s pray for the best for our friends.

  9. The first of all, finding to recuse the remaining sailors of crew.
    Second, protect environment
    Third, investigate the cause of flame @ main deck? Why, who, how, what? Which? And others

  10. Saddened for the loss of life at sea.
    Not prejudging the investigation outcome, unfortunately Similar incidents will continue to occur onboard unless we have a more stringent control measures over mis-declared containers contents as well as proper IMDG Stowage segregation, in my experience this incident would be a perfect example of what not to do.
    Hyundai Fortune incident comes to mind…Have we not learnt the lessons YET???

  11. Hey mister don’t ever underestimate the crew onboard on that vessel,do you experience actual fire onboard in your life..think first before you judge them.

  12. Wandering how 4 crew are missing, fire brake out in fore part of the vessel. Are they missing during fighting the fire or left behind.

  13. Cargo separation was not properly done, or maybe the chatterer don’t tell the true content of the cargo they are carrying on the manifest before loading them onboard.

  14. Sad for our marine society.but could anyone say what was the exact cause of fire so that we can learn from it.

  15. Post mortem will find out especially those the shipper who neglected to declare their shipment correctly.. Eg: DG cargo not declared as it was.. Feel sorry for the loss..

  16. Any way,real story won’t come out in official report,why and how fire took place, in order to claim their insurance.my condolences to victims and affected families.

  17. Eternal father, strong to save………. we pray to thee, for those in peril on the sea. I would like to be crew on vessel 24. X

  18. This very sad to see this. Merchant Navy training school spent a lot of time with training for these sorts shocking events. Thank fully I did not have to experience this first hand.

  19. The crew is not good, company pay cheapest crew for earn more money. Dont wont to pay profesional people who know the job and go to school to learn for this situation and job. All people who know this people who was on board are not good seamen.

  20. Oh godness, hope to find out the missing members ?? But whats reason catches fire if the containers are all metal?

  21. I can’t believe it’s still floating. I really really hope they find the other missing crew members either way that part turns out. ??


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