Life At Sea

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  1. This was in Vestmann islands in Iceland few years ago..this was very common wheather on the flemish cap..I remember it very well

  2. I was a commercial pilot, and flew in all kinds of weather. I can only assume that you sailors become as comfortable with it as we did, bc it seems much more terrifying to watch on the sea.

  3. Jamie McDevitt-Irwin that time we had a rough night on board, and everything went flying and you were still asleep XD

  4. I’ve grabbed and tuna fished up and down the west coast and I’ve made my peace with God on deck many times…
    Try cooking eating sleeping or going to the bathroom in weather like this

  5. I really appreciate my fish and chips now after seeing what men at sea go thru on a ‘ Normal?’ day at work!

  6. separates the men from the boys remember hitting seas like that on a 225 foot tug on its maiden voyage remember laying in my bunk thinking i may die tonight then thinking o well if it happens it happens and off to sleep


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