merchant ship in heavy storm

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  1. So True.
    The Big Questions -Dr. Laurence B. Brown

    At some point in our lives, everybody asks the big questions: “Who made us,” and “Why are we here?”
    So who did make us? Most of us have been brought up more on science than religion, and to believe in the Big Bang and evolution more than God. But which makes more sense? And is there any reason why the theories of science and creationism cannot coexist?
    The Big Bang may explain the origin of the universe, but it doesn’t explain the origin of the primordial dust cloud. This dust cloud (which, according to the theory, drew together, compacted and then exploded) had to come from somewhere. After all, it contained enough matter to form not just our galaxy, but the billion other galaxies in the known universe. So where did that come form? Who, or what, created the primordial dust cloud?
    Similarly, evolution may explain the fossil record, but it falls far short of explaining the quintessential essence of human life — the soul. We all have one. We feel its presence, we speak of its existence and at times pray for its salvation. But only the religious can explain where it came from. The theory of natural selection can explain many of the material aspects of living things, but it fails to explain the human soul.
    Furthermore, anyone who studies the complexities of life and the universe cannot help but witness the signature of the Creator. Whether or not people recognize these signs is another matter — as the old saying goes, denial isn’t just a river in Egypt. (Get it? Denial, spelled “de Nile” … the river Ni … oh, never mind.) The point is that if we see a painting, we know there is a painter. If we see a sculpture, we know there’s a sculptor; a pot, a potter. So when we view creation, shouldn’t we know there’s a Creator?

    “Allah is the Creator of everything.”(Ar-Ra`d: 16)

  2. This is not really heavy weather. I dont have a copy of the Beaufort scale with me but this would be around Force 8 winds. No green water coming over the deck so nothing serious. My worst was in Biscay (reputation generally worse than actual but sometimes really bad) when we had green water over the bridge at a height of eye of 96 feet. Spent 3 months in Rotterdam doing repairs after this storm.