A Pilot embarking the Ship in Rough Weather



  1. Having done this out of Thursday Island I know the pilots I worked with would have made the master of the vessel give a better lee or swap the side of the ladder it really shouldn’t be this hairy. There was usually vertical movement to contend with but that wind and swell from the side is unnecessary.

  2. Pilot boat master is doing an excellent job in the conditions.i had sparks and and layers of paint showering me one morning putting Captain J Henderson on QE 2 .12 seasons in Fiordland for 1 actual non pickup of a pilot after many attempts, who then carried on to Australia ( we got him back 3 days later).

  3. The service of vessels Opl is an integral part of any launch operators applying safety first.The pilot would not have gone out if the conditions didn’t allow.Great skills by the skipper to allow him to board safely.The weather was not the best of days.We do this operation daily, boarding personnel and stores in all types of weather.Great video to show that this is not a simple operation when forces of nature test your skills

  4. That’s part of my work i do, to get the pilot On/Off the Vessel but that ladder he is on, is on a angle so it’s further away from the pilot ladder. I rekon it would be more safe if he was on the main deck to reach and climb that ladder!