Titanic Movie crash scene

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  1. They were just in the process of changing the commands. As some have mentioned it was due to different steering setups this was explained in a book regarding the Titanic and the command was given the wheel was put over to the wrong direction it may have saved the Titanic but put it down to the helmsman of old school

  2. A lot of people are commenting about the port turn when the order was hard to starboard. This is because traditionally the orders to the helmsman were given in reference to a tiller. This was changed later in the mid 20th century.

  3. Probabaly, the seaman on the wheel does’nt know were Starboard Side was, and officers should check through indicator as well, what happened it wasn’t an incident but Negligence, if they went on Starboard, they were sure Eliminate what had Happened: Most accidents if you can call it this way because most of them don’t know How to react when happenes, Seafares on board vessels, should know everthing from A to Z. Remember whatever happes you are there on your own,