Speed, speed, speed… ???

Clique aqui para acessar a fonte


  1. I kite foil – freeride and, soon, waves, not racing – and I can honestly say that the moaning about foils I hear here is mirrored by the conservative members of the windsurfing, kiting, surfering and stand-up paddling communities who have yet to realise that foils open opportunities to sail, surf of kite that leave the remaining ‘surface slappers’ in the carpark or marina banging on like pub bores. Sure, a foil on a 70ft’er in the 40s isn’t, maybe the best idea. Yet. But keep in mind that as recently as early this year my kiting community was slagging off the new-look, handheld wind wings as a kooky nonsense. This week once of the makers – F-One – posted footage of riders using the wings on foils, no harnessed kitw, and jumping. Yachties, do not be like the die-hard windsurfers who, and still, delittled kiters as ‘tea baggers’. Foils are opening new boundaries for all of us. On Sunday I plan to take my new large foil into swell that a surfer wouldn’t sniff at. This is pushong the envelope. In this week of the Apollo landing anniversary, do you have the right stuff? …?.

  2. No keel ah? Should be interesting in gusty conditions. Looks great sailing along in consistent wind and flat water, but experience tells me that sailing is rarely like that. They will need to be wearing seat belts when this thing drops off the foils.