Accident | Lost Containers
Who’s responsible here?



  1. Well I was a engineer but looking at this and knowing there was a pilot on board and the Capt being very close how come one or both did not see this unfolding.Perhaps there was a issue with contacting tug,tugs.We will see but i,m going to say Pilot and he was in to much of a rush to get docked.We will follow it,interesting.

  2. Life of seamen specifically Master is not easy what you think…you can feel the difficulty…nervousness…when external forces will be against you..e.g.winds..current..waves.swell…fogs..etc..nobody could blame anybody coz you are not there…you can tell n prove yourself if the responsibility already lay in your shoulder…Only God can tell..

  3. Risk assessment are vital during such manuever, although there is/are pilots onboard, as Master of the vessel, he has all the right to take over any situation if he finds that the safety of his vessel is at stake. Be safe everyone!

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  5. Le responsable reste le Commandant !!! car le pilote n’étant qu’un conseiller technique à la navigation, il est dégagé de responsabilité. Je rappelle au passage que l’obligation d’un Capitaine vis à vis du pilote est de le “payer” même s’il ne l’utilise pas et même s’il se plante.?

  6. It’s totally the fault of the vessel that’s happily moored up for having that spoon bow shovelling off the containers of the other boat trying to parallel park…loool. Seriously though, why the hell would you approach the berth so close to someone else…my guess is there is a decent onshore breeze. I think ultimately the blame lies with an endemic attitude that has developed where common sense has been replaced with ticking boxes simplified enough so the lowest common denominator can work…not just in marine industry but all industries. As long as there is insurance though, nobody gives a shit.

  7. Master of the vessel is responsible, the pilot is onboard on advisory service, however, in this case, await the investigation outcome, as there are many factors involved in this incident which lead the vessel to be in a compromising situation..!
    Whether HapagLloyd chooses to share the lessons learnt from this one, I wonder?