Bumper cars at the top mark on 20 knots ❗ Video: DRONEProject

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  1. Do you have to do turns for each time you hit another boat, or can you just count the whole fiasco as a single incident? 😉

  2. Think there was a protest flag from every boat? Love how all the committee boats are circling going “well now what?”

  3. Looks like the guy that shot inside and then stalled at the mark, completely misread the opportunity he had w the boats to his starboard side all stalling out. Probably much easier to see from the drone vantage point then on the water.

  4. I foresee a lot of protests. 🙂 Port tack. Internal to the buoy. Leeward. There are at least five boats that can protest.

  5. When this happens with our models, it’s frustrating. My model has been holed on two occasions when I’ve been caught in this. THIS is scary!


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