Each year, humans dump 13 million metric tons of plastic into the ocean

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  1. I strongly recommend this Website or whoever recorded this Short episode. Please describe where is this beach ? What ‘s country was you filmed at ? Don’t really want to figure out and confused. Mad to see nasty ppl. You must clean up and Recycle all of it .

  2. 13 million ton a year, really. Where does the ingredients come from to make plastic, not from the earth same as oil, does it? About time us ” intelligent ” humans reversed our thoughts and started to think of the survival of the planet first and foremost.

  3. Roger that I live on an island. Plastic we watch closely. Even fisherman here have place they put discarded nets. Plastic sacks on a user level much contained . If your Government moves to ban plastic sacks but not plastic bottles. Reasonable person would conclude subjected Government Overreach. Idk

  4. While Plastic packaging of almost everything continues, nothing improves! Plastics manufacturers (other than shopping bag manufacturers) seem to be impervious to any pressure to wind back production. … Extreme money to be made (or lost) I guess.