MSC ZOE lost 270 containers a few weeks ago

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  1. Imagine if there was some way of holding a smartphone in so that you could get a full screen width view of a situation. Especially when taking video of something that requires a wide view… 🤔

  2. Already it is difficult that MSC will pay for damages and losses.
    If then it is declared “act of god” the receivers will not see a penny.
    I hope they are provided with
    cargo insurance!!!!

  3. Probably a rookie question but.

    I wonder what happens with the containers. Does someone have to get them and who pays for that? If they are way down in hundreds/thousands of feet below, they still have to get them or do they just leave them there? Losing cars and all. And who’s responsible for the a disaster like that? The boat company or the port personnel that embarked the containers?

  4. Lost containers are a growing threat to small vessels sailing the seas. Its now a major issue. These containers can “float” a few feet below the surface ripping the keel of any yacht that his them.


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