Where the two oceans meet but don’t mix together!

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  1. If you notice the BC flag, you’ll know that it’s a video on a ferry from Vancouver Island to Tsawwassen. It’s where the silt from the Fraser River meets the salt from the Georgia Strait.

  2. In Nigeria, there is a village in called Ossissa, in Delta state where we have this type of rivers with two different colors and they cannot mix with each other.

  3. This is not “two oceans” meeting, it’s ocean and river water out of a delta….Salt and fresh waters don’t mix.

  4. I’ve seen this many many times in the gulf of mexico where the mississppi river flows into the gulf. Can be seen a hundred miles offshore depending on currents.

  5. Pic is from a coastal class BC Ferry in western Canada. It is showing where the muddy Fraser waters meet sea water…

  6. It’s muddy water converging with clear water, it’s not two oceans, the footage shows only one side, this was debunked like 5 years ago.

  7. Ok all of you are wrong this is as real as it gets, some will say it’s fake, that’s just not true. If you’ll excuse me I have to take my SharkHorse for a swim…

  8. I’ve seen this first hand *near* the Gulf of St. Lawrence… somewhere just north of Taddousac, Quebec. Its really cool. On the St. Lawrence it has something to do, I think, with brackish water and salt water mixing, and the way the tide is going. The tide on the St. Lawrence can be pretty strange sometimes.


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