Collision At Sea !
Who’s responsible here?



  1. Both Captains will face repercussions from this but you can bet the insurance companies will battle it out. Not seeing the whole picture, like was the camera vessel in a RAM status. Regardless the vessels should have communicated about a safe CPA way in advance.

  2. When collision is imminent you must Abandon the rules to avoid collision. I believe that is the first Rule of the Road. Yes the vessel approaching from the right has right of way but neither vessel did anything to avoid collision. In court the camera boat will be held accountable

  3. The vessel on the right was a BWM, the one on the left an Audi. Now if it were really on the road, what would happen? To answer the question sensibly, the Masters of both vessels are obliged to avoid a collision notwithstanding anything written in the Col Regs.

  4. The duty officer at that time might be sleeping not focusing on the job. The vessel coming from the rightside has the right of way the vessel with the camera should have reduced its speed and alter to starboard or if the duty officer is confused should have called the captain.

  5. I would say that the filming vessel was at fault, as it should have altered course to steer to the stern of the stand on vessel. That said, the stand on vessel clearly knew a collision was imminent, so could’ve tried to avoid the situation. Engines may have been operating astern though, did anyone hear 4 blasts?

  6. Boat vsl ignore the rules of the road. That’s why collision happened. If they both slow down and let other vsl passing safely no collision. But sometimes due to pride of OOW me privileged and avoiding vsl isn’t taking action also. Better swallow our pride for safety reasons if one isn’t taking action then take action. Slow, stopped or alter your course immediately.

  7. Well in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different way and without fighting and by trying to make it clear, and by considering each and every one’s opinion.I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say. ?

  8. El tráfico que viene de la derecha tiene el derecho de camino el otro barco con camara tuvo que canbiar rumbo y reducir su velocidad o nudos.. otro los dos son responsable tambien por no tomar preoucacion los deberían de canbiar o parar y velocidad máquina

  9. Buen estado de la mar, buena visibilidad, el reglamento para prevenir abordajes deja claro quién tiene prioridad, pero esto es negligencia, ambos se tienen a la vista y si el que está obligado a cambiar de rumbo no lo hace para evitar la colisión, el otro tiene que reaccionar y parece que tampoco hizo nada por evitarla, resumen dos malos profesionales

  10. The Coaster is in the Main Fairway about to enter Flushing, the Inland Birge is crossing from an Side Fairway.
    The Inland Barge should have Waited with crossing over Inland Barge is at Foult.
    Kg Happened Just for Flushing in the Netherlands

  11. Rule no.8 action to avoid collision-

    B. Any alteration of course or speed to avoid collision shall, if the circumstances of the case admit, be large enough to be readily apparent to another vessel observing visually or by radar; a succession of small alteration of course and or speed should be avoided..

  12. Both parties are a fault! The stand on vessel on the right technically has right of way, BUT also has an obligation to take action if the giveway vessel on the left has not taken early and effective action to avoid collision!

  13. Revoke their licence. The one by the port side is the give way vessel while the other one by the starboard side is the standon vessel. The rules said if your bearing does not reasonably change take action in prevailing circumstances to avoid collision ?.

  14. The vessel to the right is the stand on vessel, unless the one on the left was a vessel not under command, restricted in her ability to maneuver/ constrained by draft, but it’s impossible to tell from this video without seeing which, if any, day shapes she was displaying.